Need Help for my android application



Hi Team,

I am creating an application in appybuilder where I have created sign in, sign up and forgot password pages.
Now here i am facing an issue and without solving this issue I can’t move forward so I am just stuck here.
Please help me with same.

I have attached the word file with all my issues please find the same.

Bhushan (891.3 KB)


It would be easier for AB team and community if you explain your issue in your post. If you have a lot of issue, try to post one, explain and add pictures to add clarity and then let community help you to solve one. Repeat this step till your app runs smoothly.


Sure Ronin, now the issue I am facing now is whenever I try to save the username name in signup page into the firebase database the current which is am trying to save is get replaced with old/existing username and old username is get deleted from the database so I don’t want this I want to see the data get saved one by one below in line in database so please help.

below is the snapshot of firebase with old username “sam”.

now I have entered the new username “jason” with other details and submit

and here it is new username is replaced by old username thats what I don’t want to happen please help to resolve this because I want all the data old and new in database.



You need a unique identifier.
If you change the value of “username” the value will always be the new username.

Try using the Username or MobileNumber as the tag for each DB and name each of the DBs based on what value is being stored in them.
This being the case you would need to create a DB for each value and use the same unique identifier as the tag for each.


I would also verify that the email address is a valid email format using an extension like TaifunTools found here: