Need Help for my android app



Hi Team,

I am creating an application in appybuilder where I have created sign in, sign up and forgot password pages.
Now here i am facing an issue and without solving this issue I can’t move forward so I am just stuck here.
Please help me with same.

Now the issue is whenever I try to save the username name at the signup page into my firebase database the current username which is am trying to save is get replaced with old/existing username and that old username is get automatically deleted from the database so I don’t want this I want to save all the username one by one in database without deleting anything so please help me for the same.

below is the snapshot of firebase with old username “sam”.

now I have entered the new username “jason” with other details and submit

and here it is new username is replaced by old username thats what I don’t want to happen please help to resolve this because I want to save the old and new data in database.


bcz you have only 1 tag . and its username.
so you are always replacing it.
you must work with lists
create 4 list variable.
when user submit
add name text to names list
name will be index1 in names list

add email text to email list
email will be index1 emails list

add number to numbers list
number will be index1 in number list

add username to usernames list
and username will be index1 in usernames list

save that lists with firebase.
and with tinytb


Thank you very much @edd for the easy and simple explanation it helped a lot I have completed login ans signup page and data is saving appropriately in firebase as I wanted.