Need help about user and appybuilder earning percentage


when my app has 500 installer then i get 2$/day. now my app has 3500 installer and my earning is 0.1$/day.
i ask many friends of my app installer. they say ads show properly.
but where earning go?
how my ads id change?
in privacy policy you say we get 5% profit but its not a 5%. its 99%.


There is no commission. Zero. Those who reverse engineer can check :slight_smile:

Also, you joined only 8 hours ago and already making this type of assumption?? Not right:


dear i work on appybuilder last 11 months.
i join forum because i find problem.
i provide you every type of detail but i could not understand how ads id replace after publishing apps.


This is not the issue that is associated with the appybuilder…U should knock the google adsense support team.


you dont replace ads using old library?