Need Help about Playstore Account suspension


Hello Dear Friends , I had a Playstore account which was suspended 2 Years ago . So that Day I created new account from new Laptop and Credit card . Now After 2 years of successful app downloading suddenly google has suspended my account and the reason is " Suspension of Previous Account " . I accepted google decision and started another account and uploaded some apps which were clean , I changed the package name and added new Admob IDs. After uploading the apps within 4 Hours my new account suspended again. This happened 1 more time . I am frustrated . I want to know if google is tracking me through the .keystore file provided by Appybuilder ? If that So , then what should I do ? If that is not the cause what might be the cause ? I am in deep sadness and need your suggestions. Kindly answer .
Thank you


they track all things ip adress, keystorey mac aress and a few other things, you have to use a other internet, a other laptop, a otgher package name, a other allll, i think there are so many things which you cannot control what you have to change If you forget 1 thing its over.

Ask a friend for you to upload apps for you Google will find you again. Trust me


I have changed the Laptop , Internet (IP address ) package name . But how to change the .keystore file for appybuilder ? Will Login with a new email create a new .keystore ? The aD IDs are changed . But the Admob user is same. Will it be any issue ?


Contact Google support


Google always reply with an automated robot text . Nothing good happened so far .