MyVoc - Creative Flashcard maker for language learner


I would like to introduce my app. I made it with Appybuilder offline.

MyVoc is a translator and flashcard creator application designed primarily for advanced language learners who are able to read foreign text fluently.

With this application anyone can easily and quickly translate and save unknown foreign language words.

User can choose from more than 100 languages. The creative flashcard editing interface, however, allows you to create a flashcard from a translated word in seconds and then save it in to the desired category.

Could you possibly test it if you are interested in the application and write if it does not work on any device?

It has been tested on Samsung Galaxy A5 and Huawei P20 Lite.


I tested it on a Samsung Galaxy S8 running android OS v9.0:

  1. The first time I clicked on “Flashcards” I received this message:

    It only happened the very first time and had been working correctly ever since.

  2. When I didn’t choose a category before trying to save the flashcard, the message text wasn’t in English, my native language:

I like the way you used AnyBar :smile:


Thanks for testing. I fixed the bugs and uploaded the new apk to the Google Play as a beta version.