My own online AppyBuilder server with WAMP


I’m using the offline version now, but sometimes I want to do something from my work computer and I can’t because everything is in my home computer.

Is it possible to create a live server with WAMP
I know how to configure WAMP to make a live webpage, but what should I do to set AppyBuilder live in my server?

My laptop burn all data destroy. how i get api keys now?

I haven’t tried this as it was a long time since I was doing webserver from home, but configure your wamp for localhost and appybuilder:port and your router of course to point to your computer

Btw, do you already have a website on your computer

Edit: It might be easier than you think, try just to virtual port forward in your router to 8888 and your pc:ip
Then use your wanip:8888



Has anyone tried this or is my system wonkie and works for anything and everything whatever i throw at it



After some trial and error It’s working on my external IP now! Thanks @Boban_Stojmenovic!
Also thanks to @Andres_Cotes for another solution he provided using GCloud via PM.

With WAMP we can make even the BuildServer work remotely in the same installation. That’s why I choose this solution, but GCloud is a valid one too, although a little more complicated.


LIke you said, it was easier than I thought. I just did that in my router, found out what my external IP is, and added :8888 at the end. I only hope my internet provider doesn’t change my IP address too often :grin: