My old app - Math game


I present an old app of mine, it is a simple mathematical operation game, but in my opinion very nice and stimulating for the mind.
Unfortunately it is 5 years ago, I developed it, perhaps with Hossein’s appinventor 1, I will have to convert it sooner or later to give more success to this application.

Mathematical game

Math Grid is a mathematical game that helps keep the mind fit.
It is a mathematical grid where you have to sort the numbers in order to get the correct result for both the rows and the columns.

It is a mathematical puzzle consisting of 18 levels of play with which to test your skills with numbers.

If you think you’re a genius or a magician of mathematics then try this mathematical puzzle and challenge your friends, share your scores with the various social networks.

An educational game useful for both children and adults. With this application trained your mind, review not only the multiplication tables, but even the addition, subtraction, multiplication and Division.
A new original game, similar to a sudoku or Solitaire, a first of its kind.
The game logic is my original idea (enfandroid), a reclusive mathematician to beguile the time.



I installed the game and it is really fun.:+1::+1::+1: