My laptop burn all data destroy. how i get api keys now?


my laptop burn all offline server data destroy. how i get api keys now?
no one understand this time my feelings.


Do you mean the keystore?


yes i mean keystore.
why you introduce offline appybuilder ?
now where i go?:sob::sob::sob:


I think you can download your keystore from the online version. That should still work.

I do not understand that sentence.



i make few app in online version. but few make in offline version.
now please tell me can i install this offline server in any online server?


Try this:


Go to
Log in with your email (the one you always used to build your apps)
and get your keystore from here:

Then go to the offline version of AppyBuilder and select IMPORT KEYSTORE, and select the keystore file you just downloaded from the online version.