My First Extension


Would anybody be willing to test my first extension?
It just does some math, I wanted to start out with something super simple.
It’s a modified version of from Makeroid.

I’ve included both the .aix and an .aia
com.kennicholsandroid.Calc.aix (8.4 KB)
Calc.aia (11.1 KB) (1.7 KB)


Usage Example

Code Editor Extension Samples
Creating New Extension
Firebase Linking
Code Editor Repository

Its a start. Try to add value to it because those can already be done using math-blocks


Thanks, I just wanted to make sure it compiled correctly and works correctly for others.
I have no plans to expand on this particular extension it was my “Hello World” with extensions.


@Ken, please add your .java if you can. Your “hello world” can be helpful for others…


Great idea!
I added it.


Awesome… thanks @Ken


generally you might want to follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names



Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


Good to know, Thanks!
Where can I learn other stuff like this?


in the App Inventor Extensions document


Thanks, I’ll take a deeper look at it.


which language should now to make six ?


Sorry, I don’t understand your question.


What code should we use after doing something and getting the result. For example the Firebase Extension where we get the value then we have to get value block with the value and the tag


Is your question related to this topic about the extension?


Yes😁 I want to know how he would add a After block which shows the result of the procedure we did the calculation


Well maybe you can show what you have done already.


I am not a extension Developer. I tried playing with the code but does not know about the basics.


I thought you where talking about the aix. But you are working with the file?


Yes, i am learning about making extensions so that i can make extensions and provide for free so no one has to pay !!

PS: Not gonna happen anytime soon :joy:


For extension development you could also ask your questions in!forum/app-inventor-open-source-dev