My best app : Videolist Music


Listen music with no stops and watch the videoclips too.
Search your favourite group or artist and you will get the best songs and you can choose the album too.
It has been made using my website :
I was changing the website this days to make it more sure.

Download the apk from Play Store => Click here


Cool app. There’s one bug though. When I searched for Seal, nothing comes up. Just white screen. Then I searched for Metallica and Seal results showed instead.


Still wondering if you can do this. I think it is against YouTube policy to make an app that does this. And you want to earn money with this by placing ads. Prepare yourself for the power of Google if they discover this.


Kinda like this:


They accept all the app but not to play in lock screen mode.
They told me if I repear this part I can publish it.
It’s no problem with the rest, I have the YouTube api key and it’s all completely legal.


May be you doesn’t wait enough, because it’s a little slow searching.
The function searchs in LastFm database all the songs and later makes a new search in YouTube for each video… it may be spends 5 seconds to search all, but it appears in the end. Try again and you can see it works good.
Thanks to try it, @Italo


I think the best way to do this for now, would be to pause the audio when the app is not running in the Foreground.
You can use the TaifunTools Extension for this:
Use if “state” = pause


ok, thank you very much.
I’ll see what can I do with this.
I cannot manage the YouTube script from the app, then my idea is to load other website when is blocked the screen.


Have you tried injecting javascript to click a button on the web page?


all right !! that’s amazing !!
I think I can do it with this extension.
Thanks a lot @Ken you are great !! :smiley:


Ok !!
it works !!
thank you very much, it was more easy than I expect.



Glad it’s working for you!

Since the Extension and Tutorial were provided by Taifun, I think it’s only fair that you make a donation to Taifun once you get some some ad revenue coming in.


Yes, I’ll make a donation to Taifun and to the Appybuilder when I earn some money. Now I’m unemployeed and I’m doing apps like a hobbie. I still don’t have any business but I want to make one if everything goes ahead.
I think with patience and effort, programming can gives results.


All right !! It’s published !!
You can see @Peter it’s not against Google :smiley:
Download Videolist Music now from play store => Click here !!