My AppyBuilder Personal version Is Not Working



I cant Build APK File PLZ Help Me

Error MSG Is #Build failed! Socket operation timed out: The API call remote_socket.Receive() took too long to respond and was cancelled

please help me


What’s your computer spec?


Now Error Masg Is Build failed! Build server responded with response code -1


Most probably your buildserver isn’t running


Try this


Sir, I Tryed But the Same Problem Error is Build failed! Build server responded with response code -1.

My Variables


JAVA_HOME : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_231

path : C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_231\bin ( No Any Path Hare)

My Operating System Is Windows 7 64 bit

plz help me


Do you have both versions of JAVA installed (jre and jdk) ? cause your path is set to jre version. Also don’t forget frontend server uses port 8888 but build server uses port 9990 so maybe the port is used by another app.


Can You Tell Me All Setting For Environment Variables.


See here


Thank You Somuch But Now I can See This In Cmd massege 9
Now What I due?


First it seems you are using jre version not JDK and then the command is javac -version not javc


see this againg my screen shot sir
now i can go http://localhost:8888 but now i can download apk

WinStartBuildServer last seen is


me too this morning. Maybe general problem ?


i get this and install it

i get this

System Environment Variables Now

path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Oracle\Java\javapath;%JAVA_HOME%\bin

JAVA_HOME : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_181


But my Problame Is Not FIXED…

Now Error Masg Is Build failed! Build server responded with response code -1
WinStartBuildServer last seen is

Please Help Us


Lets over , first of all restart your pc and then start frontend server and backend (build server) . If Java is configured correctly you should see INFO: Server running and INFO: Dev App Server is now running as shown in the picture .


i had 100 times restart my pc and re open it but my problem is not fixed sir

i try this INFO: Dev App Server is now running Well

But backend (build server) Not running

its like this


This step is ok.
yesterday it was working normaly. Today it works for some apps, not all of them. For one app it refuse to open blocks of one of the screens and refuse to build apk or aia (no error message for building, just not doing anything). As i said it was working yesterday.


and if i close the 2 cmd.exe and reopen them it doesn’t work for frontend anymore and i have to restart my computer to fix it…


Build server is running in port 9990 which is probably in use by another app . See below


i think this is ok ?