My App version 2.0


Hi hAppyBuilders,

In the last day of year I have finished my new app (version 2.0). It’s a Sales Force app, which is using SQLite as local database and MySQL as remote database. Here are some images:

Splashscreen and login

Main Menu and Sidebar

Clients and Client Detail

Sales Screen

Exiting App

I am using some extensions (thanks to each creator of them):

Sidebar - Andres Cotes
WebAddon - Andres Cotes
ActionBar - Andres Cotes
SQLite - Carlos Pedroza
SQLAddOn - Carlos Pedroza
OneSignalSend - Jerin Jacob
TaifunTools - Taifun
Dialogs - Mika

And thanks to all AppyBuilder team that made this possible!!

My first app in AppyBuilder

Great work :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks @Peter_Mathijssen


Hi, great as always… why do you need WebAddon?


Thanks @Ronin. It was because of a problem with the avatar in the sidebar, so Andres has created this webaddon to get the avatar images from an external link and it gets into the device, in a specific folder. After that, i can call the avatar image from that local folder.


@Kleyber_Derick you are using OneSignalPush extension and not the one in AppyBuilder?


No, @Hossein, I’m using both!! The advantage of the extension is because I can send messages from the app, not only from the OneSignal site.


@Kleyber_Derick i think you ate talking about OneSignalSend not push:


That’s right, @Hossein. My bad. I have changed the post. Thanks for clarify this!!!