My app stops and I don't know why


When a button is clicked in my APP, then Unfortunately stop comes. APP Size 9.50 MB Some pngs have been used to solve them. Now, how many resolutions will be placed in the stop? Please, Suggest me.


FAQ about why apk won’t get build can sometimes also be reasons why they crash.


You images are way to big. 2000 x 2000!!! 1280 x 1280!!!


Image size change how much?:thinking:


Did you read tip 2 of the General Tips section?


Yes, i am read general tips section.


Resolutions and sizes of my app have been reduced. That’s also the problem. 60 people using my App. Of the 60 people, 20 people are supported on mobile. Unfortunelty Stop comes to everyone else’s mobile! What is the solution for this now?:cold_sweat::face_with_head_bandage: Please, Help me :sob:


There can be many reasons. It looks like you are making a kind of earning app. I will not help you with that because i think that is the baddest thing you can make with a beatiful product like appybuilder. Good luck with finding the solution.