My app only work with my htc 4n


my app only work with my htc 4n.with other 4ns samsung huwawe not working only showing first screen other screen canot open.pleas help



Any one can help me with this problem?with Any new phone not working my app.only working first page.i tried without any images results is the same.please help.


It’s impossible for anyone to help you based on the information you’ve provided.

Is there an error that is displayed?

If not, capture the ADB Logs:
use adb logcat *:E so there is less lines to sort through.


No errors first page opens after what ever button pressed after it just coming back same page


Perhaps you could share a screenshot of relevant blocks? If not capture the ADB Logs and share them.


Can be problem with blocks? Coz it working fine with my htc phon an emulater.only not working with other phones.


Possibly but since you’ve provided very little information, I am more interested in which Components/Extensions you are using.


Becoz of u told me i checked blocks i notice i use (open another screen with start valu handler instead of using “open another screen screen name” )handler. I need to test now but no other 4n now.hope it will work.but im curious about how it works in my 4n? Thnks lot 4 help appreciated.


I tested several and every ways but still problem remaining.


It is 4 days since your first questions. You still didn’t give any information that could let us help with the problem. So telling that there is still a problem doesn’t help. See the link i gave you 4 days ago.


U didnt ask any information just giving lot of conditions it make process too long not short.let other people to answer for me or u can help me by asking information what u want.


You are asked info but don’t give it. If you want users who spend their free time on your question to keep helping you, you have to give them what they want. And in this case it is information.


This is ken he is very help ful gye.after we discussed lot of things.go and seefull conversation.try to give help ful things for problem.


What is needed is more information:

There isn’t always an easy answer or easy fix.
I haven’t had this issue and in the past 4 days the other people that have seen this post, haven’t had this issue either.

I’ve been programming for 25 years and I have learned that when requesting help from others, you need to give them as much information as possible so they can make an educated guess as to what might be causing the issue.
Thus far you have offered very little information and provided resistance towards giving enough information for someone to help you.
If you want help with this issue, you need to do your part.


This is the information @Peter and everyone else here wants:

This will help us, help you.