My app crashes while opening screen2


My app crashes while opening screen 2.
Is there any solution of my problem.
@Hossein , @John plz help


@Kashif_Mehmood how can members help if there is no detail? What happens in screen 2?


When I open app after the splash screen when login screen initialize there came an error unfortunately free 8 Ball Pool coins has stopped


Not enough info.
Use adb logcat. Search for adb in AppyBuilder help docs


How can I give you more information.


I found nothing in help docs. Please tell me the reasons why my app stopped.


follow tip 1 and tip 2


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


@Kashif_Mehmood did you change package name? If yes, then search help doc for package


I changed nothing in my app except Email.
But I use .png icons in my app. Can these .png icons affect my app?


What email are you using? Can you privately send me your .aia?


How can I send you .aia file.
Here’s my email address


@Kashif_Mehmood You think your app may crash because you have a Clock that keeps opening Login screen? :slight_smile:


@Kashif_Mehmood Also, check your logic in your Login screen below. The else part of if block, may open same same screen Login again!


I created splash screen so I used clock component. I should remove clock component or not.



  1. The clock keeps running because you haven’t turned it off. Before switching, you’ll need to stop the clock.
  2. Why are you attempting to re-open same login screen in your Login screen? It might be good idea to go through some of the MIT AI tutorials HERE or through @wolberd tutorial HERE