My aia file in appybuilder offline is missing, all project is gon


my aia application is gone

I have been using appybuilder offline almost 1 month, I worked a lot of projects in it

But yesterday when I opened the appybuilder offline, all of the aia applications that I made were gone. Even though I never deleted the aia project or moved the appybuilder folder offline

Can anyone help me?
In which folder appybuilder offline save the aia project? I have been searching all folder in my computer but i can’t find the aia project. My appybuilder offline is like a new login. Clean…


I always log in with the default email namely


See here for more details ,


Thanks for answering, i just upload new aia into the blank project, so there is one project in the datastore viewer, the older projects is still missing, i do not know why my projects is gone


it looks like you learned the hard way, how important it is to do backups, especially on the offline environment…
see also


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well I learned the importance of data backup the hard way. Even though I am doing my usual activities today, nothing is different from before, always starting my computer by double clicking WinStartFrontend and WinStartBuildServer. Nothing is different from before. And miraculously all my projects are gone


if anyone knows how to get my aia file back on the appybuilder offline please let me know,

I still hope to get my project back

thank you