My admob has 6000 imprecation and 0.2$ earning last 7 days


hello my admob has 50,000 ads request but only 6000 imprecation and earning so dell only 0.2$.
few days before i update app using offline version. in start 3 days my earning in good working but after 3 day my earning zero.
i ask some peoples they tell me problem in your code. i ask you is really issue from offline version???


Something going on in your code.
Offline takes no commission


Friend the admob is paying right. You need clicks to earn more.


170 clicks. and earning is 0.2$.
0.2/170 = 0.001 $ per click.
and ads imprecision earning?


This is probably do to necessary permission is not written in the manifest file



Might be your ads not show as usual…I believe there are different result if you build with offline version (ads not show as usual) and online version (much ads will show).


if my ads not show. so how impression count?