Music copyright on android games


Hi! I have a questions about copyrighted music con android games.
I know that on youtube, for example, you can use about 15 continous seconds of copyrighted music so, i wanna know if the same runs for android apps.

I wanna put some music in the introduction of a game level and i wanna know if i can use some great rocks songs for only a few2 seconds


There is not this story of xx seconds of copyrighted music.
You are probably talking about fair use. If that’s the case, there is not a clear number of time.
And if your game is monetized fair use won’t be a good excuse since it is basically for educational or informational purpose.

The point is, on youtube the media companies use to allow small pieces of content - x% of the video or x seconds, but if the owner wants it can flag just one second, or even one frame alone.

But answering your question, it is very unlikely a simple music on your game will call the atention of the powerful music industry. If you want to make it under the law, use royalty free musics or buy the license to use it in your project. But in an app it will probably cost hundreds or more.


Just use copyright free music. There are great examples like this one


To add to @Pablo_Alm, when you use someone else’s IP for financial gain without a license, your are misappropriating their IP. IP is Intellectual Property, includes source code, compiled code, images, music, words, etc etc.

Look up what “Fair Use” is and how it applies to your use case.

I do not think it is wise to violate copyright because you might not get caught. You don’t want someone even making $1 off your creation without your permission.