Multiscreen Backspace


Hi AB Community,

I am new in AB. I am making app that has multiscreen in one page. Screen 01 and Screen 02 are two vertical layout in one screen. So when I click on screen 01’s button it goes to next screen. Than I back the screen and it comes to screen 01. Click to screen 02’s button it goes to next screen BUT when click to back button in Screen 03 (thrid screen) it comes to screen 01, but it should be back to screen 02. As shown in image.

Can you please suggest me that how fix this?



If you backpress you should also check for what layout is visible or should be visible. So set screen1 not visible and screen2 visible.


Than the same problem will occur with screen 1. I want to some screen to back in screen 1 and some to back in screen 2. At the same page.
Right not my screen 1 is visible. Can I visible screen 02 at the time of pressing back button.

or should I leave this multiscreen concept and create the seperate screen for each.


Thats what i said. Try it.


Great! this is working.

But my home screen is screen 01. So when open app screen 01 has to visible not screen 02.


In screen intialize set the layout visible that you want.


See I have two layouts on my home screen name (screen 01 and screen 02). By default screen 01 set always visible.

Both layouts has button to next screens e.g. (screen 01 has 01_a, 01_b etc. and screen 02 has 02_a, 02_b, etc.

Here I want to set when back press on screen 01_a it should back to screen 01 (that is working).

And when back press on screen 02_a it should back to screen 02 (but it is not happing it goes to screen 01 beacuse by defualt screen 01 is visible.

Because by defualt screen 02 is hidden so how I make this screen visible at the time of pressing back button?


Why don’t you show your blocks? Maybe that makes things clearer.


As I can see your screen shot that you post. seems you are going to user Webviewer component. IF you are going to show everything through Web viewer than i think you no need extra screens. your can do all in 1 screen with vertical and horizontal arrangement.



I am assuming like the tob buttons named Hindi News and English News may work like vertical scrolleble menu as in screenshots. May be letter I add some more button in this line. Something like scrolle click and scrolle click.


Hey Peter, any update about this?


First you should read this

Especially tip 1.

Did you try any of this? I seems you are just starting to learn AppyBuilder. Maybe do some tutorials on youtube or maybe read some tutorials here. or