Multiplayer game-triggers on firebase?



In a multiplayer application (more than 2 players, such as an online poker), I am using realtime database (firebase) and I need a clock in minutes to go to the next level of the tournament after a while (for example 10 minutes). Do I need to connect node js to firebase to change the level tag in firebase when the 10 minutes have passed? Is there any way to perform triggers update directly in firebase? What other solution do you recommend?


Please don’t use AppyBuilder offline anymore. It will not be updated so it will get you in trouble next time Google want something different. Use Kodular instead.


what? I don’t understand … appy builder doesn’t work anymore?what is kodular?


The online version of AppyBuilder doesn’t build apks anymore and the offline version isn’t developed anymore. Kodular and AppyBuilder merged months ago. Kodular is the most sofisticated block builder at the moment. Go to and see for yourself.