Mqtt TCP/IP extension (Paid Extension) update 9/10/2017


Hello everyone

this extension I have wanted it and for a long time it is mqtt by tcp / ip by this protocol suede much of the communication of facebook messenger


if you want to test the mqtt functionalities you can use mqtt by websockets


20 USD
including support


Andres Cotes

WebSocket Client Extension
MQTT + UDP code Arduino ID ESP32
Server UDP Extension (Paid Extension)

Hey, just a few mini typos.
a) It should be idDevice
b) It should be IsConnected
c) Error should be lowercase


gracias por la corrección


Great, but ConnectionLost event has still uppercase letter “Error” it should “error” :wink:


no se por que lo hace


Hmm, wierd then. Maybe, one error won’t do too much problems.





Dear Andreas,
please check paypal. I sent payment for Mqtt TCP/IP extension (Paid Extension)
I wait for your replay.


Did you catch that ipAddress is misspelled?


I did not know now I correct it thanks


Example Video