More than 10 mb app


Any brother who wants to make people bigger than 10 mb I can help them
With help from APK Studio I can help Whether you app are Approximately 15/20/025/50/100 / mb No Problems.
PM for more information. These help will not be free of cost


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu for AppyBuilder apps or native Android??


AppyBuilder apps or native Android any one


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu how do you use AppyBuilder apps in studio? Redesign from scratch?


He is talking about apkstudio not android studio. :wink:


Ah. My bad :slight_smile: thanks for clarifying


Hello everyone, my problem is that you can not do big application from 10 mb. However, google play store allows up to 100 MB. The ftp manager is costly or requires other information. I would like you to upgrade the appybuilder limit, or at least upgrade the appybuilder offline limit. Have a nice day


This limitation can’t be solved currently. You don’t need to keep asking this question. What you need to do when developing with App Inventor platforms is knowing it is limitations and strength. You also need to consider your own limitations and strength. You also need to look for resources that are available for you on the internet. There are a LOT of free web hostings that provide free ftp servers. You can register to some of them.

If your media files include a lot of big images, i would recommend you to use free image hosting service that support direct link. If you need videos, you need to use youtube.

You can also use some ftp accounts from free ftp servers so that if an account’s quota is reached, the ftp manager move to another account, and so on. When you have enough money from ads, you can purchase premium servers. $5 account on vultr provide 1 terabytes quota monthly.

My last advise, a programmer need to be resourceful.