MoleMash Deluxe


My wife is going to make this look pretty, but the core functionality is all present and working. I took the “minimize screens” to principle heart, and only have three screens total, ~210 blocks on Screen1, and ~275 on the Game Screen. Instead of putting “Settings” on a different screen, I “hide” and “unhide” the verticalarrangement much of the buttons and labels are placed within. Not in the Play Store or Amazon yet (just finished the functionality and shipping an .aia to my wife to play with this a.m.), hopefully it is o.k. to post an .apk? I also ventured into using TinyDB for the first time, to store persistent high scores and settings.

I actually built it in AI 2, then ported it over to AB late in the process… there are some quirks in the way the layout transferred and the look and feel (both apks posted), as in the text color changed, as did the color of the Submit button, and font sizes, etc. Not a big deal, but I’m definitely going to tweak the AB version further in response. Note: game goes into negative time on the AI 2 version because I forgot to implement that logic. Fixed that in the AB version. I presume the larger size of the AB version is because the Linkify (and maybe other) extension is included?

MoleMash.apk (AI 2 Version) (1.5 MB)

MoleMash (1).apk (AB Version) (2.1 MB)

I’d like to have the file download as MoleMashDeluxe.apk, but don’t know how to make that happen.


save the project as MoleMashDeluxe, you also might want to adjust property AppName in the designer of Screen1, then build again



Are you willing to receive criticism for your app?


So, “Save Project As…” (thus changing the project name) will change the file name generated? AppName is already set to “MoleMashDeluxe” on Screen1… what effect does this setting have?


Go ahead and shred it, please. This is an iterative learning process. I’ve no investment here.


The Project Name is the Name if the APK File. And the App Name on Screen1 is the Title of your App under the Icon if you have created your APK