ModBus Extension [Paid] Update (26/05/2018)


Hi everyone, I am creating an extension for the modbus communication protocol on tcp.

even at the moment can read records of a slave device





price 30 usd


Andres Cotes

Acquisto estensione





hola se puede descargar la extension de modbus para appinventor2 o como añadir a appy builder?


extensions generally work for App Inventor and also its distributions, for example Appybuilder
as it is a paid extension, you might want to send a personal message to the developer of the extension @Andres_Cotes about how you can pay



si se puede utilizar en las plataformas inventor MIT


como tengo que hacer para descargarla?
si es de pago que coste tiene?


Hi, i have more then one device in same ip, so in modbus protocole we are writing device number, ip and register for getting data, can you add device number to the extansion?


This is awesome. but how can i buy this item. plz show me the link.



If you look just 4 posts above you will get the answer! :wink:


Que tal Andres, como puedo comprar tu extensión? , tienes alguna app de demostración?, tampoco he visto el numero de dispositivo, donde se asigna? se pueden añadir mas números de dispositivos?
Espero tu respuesta


hi andres,
I interest with modbus extention, please replay my whatsapp.


Hola Andrés
Soy José Antonio podrías indicarme si has conseguido actualizar la extensión?




Hello Andres,
IP addresses that I have previously sent you with a private message can still be used. Can you get data from those devices?
Thank You.


Hola Andres
Tienes una nueva actualización?


Hello Andres,

Please send Trail apk file


Just send a pm to the developer. Dont use this topic for these kind of questions.


Hello~~~How can I get Modbus Extension and pay??


for questions about payments and questions only relevant for you or the developer of the extension, please send a PM to the developer, PM = Personal Message
for questions about the functionality and everything which might be interesting for everyone, please ask here in this thread
thank you