Mobile Browser Issues


1) When you click and hold on a block, you should see this menu:

But more often than not I see:

Does anyone else have this issue when viewing on a mobile browser?

I am using Chrome on a Samsung S8:

2) I experience freezing after dragging and dropping blocks and need to refresh the page to resolve.


You Can Use Puffin Browser, Working well for me!

Update: if you are not able to click or drag and drop, you can use virtual mouse included in puffin browser.


Installing it now.
I’ll let you know what I think shortly.


It seems really laggy and I need some time to get familiar with it, but it may work.
Thanks for the suggestion.

FYI: I can drag and drop with chrome on my phone after one of the last AB updates.


Can you drag and drop in blocks editor too? And yes it lags (lol) but I use it only when chrome fails in some area.


Yes, AB added this functionality in an update a few weeks ago or so.
I do 90% of my building on my phone.


But in my case, the blocks editor window freezes after some time and I have to refresh to fix it. Doesn’t this happens with you?


Yes, it locks up if a block is highlighted in Yellow and I try to add another block.
If I click on a white area to remove the Yellow highlight before trying to add another block it doesn’t lock up.


Thanks for the awesome trick. Thanks a lot.


That is good to know. Thanks for letting us know.


@Hossein that is a secondary issue, I resolve by refreshing the page.
It would be cool is that could be fixed as well though.

The main issue I have is with the popup menu being mostly hidden at the top of the page.