MIT App Inventor for iOS Enters Beta Testing


Submitted by evan on Fri, 02/15/2019 - 10:41

The MIT App Inventor team is delighted to announce that we’ve passed a major milestone on the way to providing App Inventor for iOS.

Apple accepted MIT App Inventor for iOS into the TestFlight beta testing program this week. This lets us begin beta testing with small groups of users. We have already sent out invitations to our first group of beta testers.

MIT App Inventor for iOS is fully compatible with MIT App Inventor for Android. If you are a teacher in classes where students have both Android and iOS devices, you should be able to use the same curriculum materials with both devices. The only difference will be which version of the App Inventor companion students run on on their devices: one companion is an Android app, the other is an iOS app.

Apple’s requirements limit the number of beta testers we can work with, and we need to register the iOS devices in the test program. So we’re able at this stage to invite only small numbers of users who will commit to sending us feedback and bug reports. We will be expanding the testing program over the spring and we hope of getting to full public release this summer.

If you are interested in beta testing MIT App Inventor for iOS in future testing rounds, please complete this form with a description about how you plan to App Inventor for iOS and we will contact you with further information and requests for details.

hAPPy Inventing!
Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


To show the quality of how far it already is, i post a picture of my app Cactus Hunt for App Inventor running on Android and IOS. I had to make some modifications to my original code to make it look as it does at the moment.

You can see what is already working here


Hej Piotr to wspaniała wiadomość, mam pytanie jeśli można, czy to nadal będzie MIT App Inwentor czy może powstanie MIT X coś jak Thunkable X? Czy jak mam plik aia z projektem Appybuilder będę mógł je importować i skompilować na iOS?


When App Inventor is ready with there IOS version, other builders will be able to use that code. So in the future, if developers want to use it, AppyBuilder will have the ability to compile IOS apps.

You can not use extensions, and only components that are available in App Inventor.