Missing "Any Compoenent" Generic Blocks


In the Any Component section, the following methods do not have a generic (any component block) for the Canvas:

  • DrawArc()
  • DrawCircle()
  • DrawShape()

I understand that DrawArc() and DrawShape() are exclusive to AppyBuilder, but MIT App Inventor’s DrawCircle() method does include the generic (any component block).

I look forward to a reply.



They are there. see image below:



Yes, those blocks are there, but the generic one that lets you programmatically set the object instance is not.

For example, here is the DrawLine() method. Notice how it has a “for component” parameter.

Here is the DrawCircle() method App Inventor has:


Got it. We’ll check into it


Hi @Hossein, any update on this?


Unfortunately, not yet. We are working hard on the generic admob issue