Memes Maker App - My app on playstore


Hey guys i developed this app . its about making memes.
Kindly Rate the app for support if you guys like it .

App link :

Users can create innovative memes using the app. Some features of the app :slight_smile:

  1. I can add unlimited number of memes material in the app . The app is connected to firebase and any number of categories and number of memes can be added in the app without putting new update.

  2. The app is fast and smooth with good UI

  3. users can share the meme on social platforms.

and much moreโ€ฆ

here are some screenshots of the app :

Thanks to all extension developers and Appybuilder team for support :slight_smile:


Hi, nice work. Is this app made with AppyBuilder? You posted the same topic in the Thunkable forum.


I keep pressing the buttons and nothing happens. I have to touch many times on different parts of the option to actually open it.
Is this made with AppyBuilder?


yea its made by appybuilder with custom package name.
and thats the problem with custom listview extension. the click doesnt occurs when the element is clicked on the text part of the element :smiley:
hope i get some solution


The link not work for me. I live in Spain. Maybe this is my problem? Thank you