MCQ app that has seperate database for every person?


So for example, every person will give his quiz/mcq by first giving his name,age,etc and that quiz record will be posted under his name/age/gender

Can anyone guide me?


I don’t think you understand the concept of a database. Why do you need a different database for each person?
You only need to create a row for each person with all the information about that person in that row only. That’s the purpose of having a database, if not you will need a “database of databases”. And I don’t think your project is so big that it needs that, really.


Yeah I think I didn’t thank you for the correction. That’s what Im lookng for. Making a row for the person and his particulars in it.

So could you guide me in that direction?


I know about databases from my previous use of PHP/MySQL, not from using them in AppyBuilder/App Inventor. Unfortunately I don’t use databases enough to help you with that. But I would like to invite you to join the Kodular community, since AppyBuilder merged with that distro and everyone is there now. You will find a lot more help, even from the AppyBuilder developer himself. May be you don’t know but AppyBuilder can’t compile apk online anymore, so you will benefit from migrating your project to Kodular. And there’s a lot of people who will help you with your database inquiries.