Material Icons Outlined (Free)


Yes, you heard it, right guys! Material Outlined Icons are here for free. Today, I was wondering, heck why not make the font since Google hasn’t. So here it is along with the codes:

HTML Property must be on! (69.5 KB)



You can also use the “name” with HTMLFormat turned off:


This is Outlined Material Icons, not Regular.


I just tried it and it doesn’t work with the name :frowning:


It depends on the author (Nathan), he can add these. He said in the post in the Kodular community that he’s working on it


I forgot to add, it will take forever to do because,

  1. Nathan is lazy
  2. Some know a project he’s working on :wink:


Now, IDK how to say this besides this way… I unfortunately can’t do the name way because of the Font Provider I use. I’ll try finding another one which makes it easier for all users matching current Base Material Icons.


for me it’s fine how it is now, by code, since the list is great even some icons are similar and then it can be confusing, it’s my point of view.


Yes on another Community, I did post I’ll try renaming them but, the place I’m at right now doesn’t allow that and only allows me to rename classes for WOFF files and other formats for Websites which I’m currently doing instead of worrying about the TTF file. I don’t think it’ll cause a big problem for Android Developers though.


Have you thought about making these for the other themes (filled, rounded, etc…)?


Hi @developermatt, I will think about it in the future most certainly. Along with that I will try my best to make an index site where you can look up the icon you want, and get the code, instead of looking through X amount of screenshots. Although I will be doing the other themes, I will be redoing the Outlined first as I lost my account to the font creator that I used. It won’t be long before a new one will come along. If by any chance I cannot get some out by the beginning of October I’ll let you know since I have other GitHub projects I’m working on right now.

Thanks for being interested!


Ofrezco host gratis por si necesitas alojar tu proyecto!

Yo uso esa fuente. lol


Thanks for the info :+1: