Material Drawer by Kus Zab Update (22/12/2017)


This is Paid Extension, If you want free use Sidebar Navigation by Andres Cotes
Price 10USD
Feature :

  • Swipe handle
  • Toggle Header Profile
  • Badge
  • Separator
  • Custom Font or Font Icon
  • And More

Update (22/12/2017)

  • Fix Loosing data when screen Orientation changed
    Just add this block

Take a look right here



P.S You Must upload the font Icon to make it work


This is cool extension, @Kus_Zab. It would be better if you can add a .apk so people can try.


A quick question, what’s the difference between your and Andres extension?


Everybody can see ben, maybe you you good at speak , really good. That make you sliw to think :stuck_out_tongue:


Please keep conversations clean :pray:


Im so Sorry with bad jokes, really sorry. Sorry Appybuilder


@Kus_Zab, just one question: Is it going to work in all APIs supported by AppyBuilder?



Im sorry im not get all your point,
maybe this answer your question
I test on appybuilder its work on, and know I make update function by another builder, Big part work like the video, but there small buggy on setbadge. now im working on it


I mean, AppbyBuilder apps works on Android APIs since Level 14. So my question was about it, if your Sidebar Extension will work on all API Levels supported by AppyBuilder…


like i said works, but little bug on set badge , because its update function after i didnt use Appybuilder to test


Ok, waiting for your results. Thank you and congratulations!!!


I just Inform you Working Now, So far no bug known.


@Kus_Zab thanks for your answer!!! Just to be sure (in my case) I’d like to ask you if you have a device with Android 4.0 to test your extension… Or if you can, you can send me an .AIA so I can test in a device here with this version of Android…


Im not use any lib, like drawer from google need android v7 for activity. but im not use any lib


Nice. We will wait for your .apk to test…


hello . where download


Its paid extension 10usd


I want to buy it, plz link