Material Design Color Palette


I made an app that shows the Material Design Color Palette.
It shows color, hexvalue, rgb and the name of the color. The titlebar changes color according to color 500.

Left and right there are the same texts in light gray and dark gray colors.

You can choose the color when you click on a color in the horizontal scrollarrangement. In a vertical scrollarrangement you can see the different color tones.


Interesting, @Peter_Mathijssen. Usually i always open Google’s material color palette website. With this we can see how a color palette look in our smartphone.


If anyone wants the colorcodes in a format that can be used in AppyBuilder they can use this. Made it to use in my app.


It’s a very nice app :+1: job


Thank you.

It took me some time. I used one horizontal scroll arrangement for the large color blocks and one vertical scroll arrangement two showcase all different colors. Every color is an horizontal arrangement with two vertical arrangements. In every vertical arrangement there are 3 labels for the color names.

I used an example from @PixiiBomb as an example to build from.

I am pleased with the result i got. :grin:




Thanks @PixiiBomb. :grin: