Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions


All of them or just the ones with spaces in their names?


For using them What i want to do


Can you try if the space in the name is causing the problem. Then the developer can take a look at it.


How can I shown Material cards without images only with text.


Checkout tutorial post here:


I want to use it in Thunkable


Then you have to ask it in the Thunkable forum. The cards you see here are build into AppyBuilder.


Hi, can we have another card type with no image. Simple text and buttons.


@felixsarp you can use a vertical or horizontal tab, and drop your labels into that arrangement. Set the arrangement property IsCard to true. See post here:


Thanks. This is what I am already doing. Thought it could be easier to use this extension to create multiple cards by creating lists in the card viewer component.

#180 (18,7 KB)


The width of the cards exceeds my screen


same problem here, you find solution for that??


how they have configured the arrangement properties


fil parent width and fil parent height


try high 70 %…


i try it but same problem, i think its problem of my phone because i try in other phone and works fine


do you know a solution for the problem? I need this extension for my App


@CarlosPedroza27 puedes ayudar de alguna forma


@CarlosPedroza27 you know how to fix it?