Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions


My version is: 7.0


When I create a lot of material cards for example 50 the app stop, are you going to fix that?¿?


I’ll bet you’re running into a resource limit of some sort, give how many cards you’re creating. Do they have graphics embedded in them?

You can check this by using the ADB logcat debugging tool. You may be exhausting the heap memory.


When I create more than 35 cards the app close and I want to create hundred of it :frowning:


If you want to create 100 cards you are doing something wrong. You can not look at 100 cards at the same time on a small screen. You could for instance use 10 cards with info and renew the info when you get along.

Don’t ask me how to do that but that could be an idea.


Please always take a look at StackOverflow… A link to fix an issue:
Every single extension of yours is only tested on your device… different devices are different sizes, some have specific resolutions and some are xxhdpi, not hdpi or mdpi…

@Andres_Cotes as a good developer, you should know this snippet of code:

WebView mWebView = findViewById(;
try {
  // Evaluate your code here...
} catch (Exception e) {
  mWebView.loadUrl("" + e.getMessage);

Best regards, Ben.


no es una webview el componente


creo que son muchas cards, y la memoria se desborda la manera correcta es usar una listview detectar el movimiento y ir cargado asincronamente la información creo que esta extensión como esta construida no suplirá esta necesidad por que el cargue de las imágenes es sincrono


Habia pensado en hacer algo parecido usando la extension de pero las funciones de cuando llegan arriba o llegan abajo no funcionan


Oh my god, no! That’s the point,

…which means you’re not so good?

This means, whether you get an exception/error/issue, search for it on StackOverflow. Thats a simple code, don’t you understand it :frowning_face:?,

this is a fix for CameraViewer extension: setParameters Failed runtime exception…


Sorry Ben but I dont think that is a good point to say to somone wich is giving you something free that is a bad developer :frowning:


Well, I can make an extension which does exactly same thing as a Notifier and give it for free, which means I am good a developer? Also,

There is a question mark…

Plus, every single “good/normal” developer/programmer or whatever coding “specialist” knows this:
try: doSomething() :catch (Error): askOnStackOverflow()


Is there any dislike button? I want to click that, but can’t find one. Can I add that in a wish list? :blush:


Hi @Andres_Cotes any update on when loading of asynchronous images will be made available?


the app hangs and crashes using card view extension when online images are loaded. kindly provide asynchronous image option in the extension.



@Andres_Cotes @CarlosPedroza27 De que tamaño tienen que ser las imágenes para el cardview, no logro ajustarlas bien :frowning:


16:9 debe ser la relación de aspecto


Si ya, encontré la misma que usaste de ejemplo.


Please add async images support…


When i add These icons it is not working