Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions


It runs for me and shows two cameraview


Which android version do you have?
My device have 7.1.1


Android 7.0. See attached


@Abdul_Maajith which android version do you have?


Now it’s not working for me.I uses android 4.4.4 also tested in 5.0 it’s not working.


After a long try it’s working

But did you see the first arrangement?? It has some problem but very good extension


And what have you done to get it to working?


Go to app info of that app. and clear the data. keep trying


Did not helped. I tried it.


I don’t know.why it is not working for you


I use the default example apk.



Hola regreso mañana a casa y trabajo en ello


Ive got the same error as @NMD on android 8.1 beta.


How to use button click. i want to add a set as background and save image button
Please help
Thank you


I have problems charging images from internet you will fix this?


Carlos and I are working on the paid version of this extension with swipe and loading of asynchronous images


How much it will cost?


20 USD is the estimated price


Andres, crees que exista la manera de hacer que al dar click a “favorite_border” (por ejemplo) cambie el icono a “favorite”?. Lo encontré pero al hacerlo cambia el icono a todas las Cards.