Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions



how many cards you created and what size of images


its ur apk . which are u post here


I encountered the same problem, but after i check it again, it turns out the problem is in my connection. I just need to click and wait a while and the cards will show up.

@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu, ur connection maybe slow. I think this is because @Andres_Cotes use online image url.


what version of android do you have


I use android 5.1.1. Andres, it seems that i can’t see the card border in left and right, unlike in ur screenshot.


Yes, it may be because of a slow connection, also the extension adds all the cards when all the images are loaded. This is reason why we have to “wait”, in a future version this should be fixed.

Maybe in a premium version, I could add picasso or glide to manage the images.


I will try something and let you know. The width of the card is calculated by the screen width, I will try set it by the vertical scroll arrangement’s width.


Thank you for this wonderful extension


Later you can add to create dynamic cards :grin::grin:


Thank you for your kind words, how dynamics cards?


Have you seen the dynamic extension? Like that it will allow you to create more cards , dynamically.


This extension does that :smile: I added that feature.


Great work guys. I’ll try it out and still send my support.


Really Great Extension
is the card clickable ???


Yes, the icon is clickable


I have good internet connection but it needs more then a minute to load the pictures from the example apk.
Too on loading the apk is complete frozen.

Maybe add a async method to load the images, then the apk will not freeze the screen (complete app).

Btw … How can a user change the card background color?
I don’t found a property.


Looks pretty good. Apk starts up pretty fast for me. Nice job @Andres_Cotes @CarlosPedroza27


@Andres_Cotes Can you show how to use the camera extension?

I tried it but then I got a error “setParameters failed”


link here @NMD