Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions


What is wrong with asking for it? I know there are multiple ways to create this, so I wanted to know which one he uses


Actually where is the problem for me to ask?


make new acc and like this :joy::joy:


Not advisable. If you do so, you would be spamming the platform.


There is no problem <20-20-20-20-20>


Oh ok… :laughing: so there is no problem.


hello boys in order to be promoted and reach the goal I have decided to publish 2 extensions to reach the goal by adding cameraviewer to the reward




Great bundle! I hope it gets to the goal!


need 46 likes :relaxed::relaxed:


Hey, I don’t want to bad or something, but what’s the point of paying 1$ for each like? If you can get this extension for only 10$? Maybe 1$ = 5-10 likes? Don’t you think? Also, I have a single question did you use any library or it was all made by you?


la construí yo siguiendo la medidas


So you followed a tutorial? You haven’t used any library?


No ninguna biblioteca



40 more likes…


Can we dynamically make these cards?


This extension does not but I can create ListView with card, the purpose of this extension is to show the construction of custom views without xm file


Dont you think you have enough likes and views? @Andres_Cotes
I think you got what you want :smile:


Just 35 more likes and that’s it.


I keep looking at it and just don’t understand: What is a material card? Is it just an image, with a text on top, and some text at the bottom and some buttons? It looks like that to me. Why would I need an extension for that?


just 35 more :expressionless: