Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions


Any solution for the problem please?


I think it is better for you to use AB card feature.


i know, the problem is that I need it for app inventor not for appybuilder, since the project I have to do it there necessarily


MaterialCards.aia (80,0 KB)
not working with Horizontal Scroll Arrange &The photo is not even complete.

@Ronin will u please ex plane AB card feature


If possible, modify the extension to see the full photo.
As you can see in this screen shot, it will not be useful for any better app
Hope you will not mind my words.
While the actual photo is something


.AIX: life.inventor.CardView.aix (18,9 KB)
If possible, add the image size setting as well as possible


how Can we use offline images in cardview ? the app is crashing while i put links of offline image from assets.


Show the blocks…


here they are. im accessing whatsapp status images and it gets crashed


Would You mind to share the aia in PM?


sure sir. i will :slight_smile: :


CAN anyone please tell me what should i do if i don’t want to add images to cards.

its giving a blank space if i give image url as empty.

plzz help


how can ı fit my image in the card?


can we use card alone? for showing text


How to use it in a Horizontal Layout?



Are you considering building a live audio extension ? Useful to make live calls :wink:


did you get solution?


Nice idea.useful @Andres_Cotes take a look at this :sunglasses::sunglasses:


It does not load images in the list ,when i set horizontal scrolling arrangement. instead it load only one image and when I use links for the images and It takes couple of second to what is the reason?

features wanted : Ability to set height and weight


Is anybody online?? I have seen many but none of them answers my question?