Marquee label not work on latest update


In latest update, you include readmore future. It so cool, but marquee feature not work…if enable marquee…the label not show anything…plz fix soon :frowning: . Thanks so much !

Update info bug:

  • If have single label, it work.
  • My project has many label and it not show anything if enable marquee feature, and if it just show content if i swipe my finger on it.


@D_ng_Hao Is that with ReadMore set to true or false?


Readmore not enable…:frowning:

note: Readmore set to true or false, Marquee feature not work either…


@D_ng_Hao We will check into it:


Thanks for respond ^^.


@D_ng_Hao, We checked and marquee seems to work properly. It works if the number of characters are longer than screen width. If ReadMore is enabled, then marquee will not work because ReadMore requires text-wrapping


Thanks for hardwork to looking for my bug. I checked new project with some label it’s work too…But in my old project, i create more than 10 labels and they unvisible if i set marquee…:frowning: thanks again <3