Making a "Mario" mini game Part 01



Hello, I am Eduardo and I have a new tutorial… This is a remake of an old tutorial I did some time ago.
I am trying to remake this project now in a more ordered way. Using procedures and better logic I guess. Hope you like it.
In this part we will see:

  • -How to scale and place sprites
  • -Using Horizontal arrangements as containers and we use -Horizontal arrangements instead of making new screens. One Horizontal arrangement we hold the start button and the other the canvas.
  • How to move sprites in the X axis using a button and clock. how to move it right and how to move it left.
  • How to move sprites in the Y axis.
  • Using edge detection to reset position for the coin.
  • Use collide with to detect collisions with Mario.
    In this video we didn’t use the Mario graphics. We will animate sprites in the next tutorials. so stay tunned and subscribed and like the video please.
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