Make your own Extension [ Newbies ]


Here is the complete extension building tutorial for newbies.

In this tutorial - I have tryed to give complete information on extension building process ( If find something unclear feel free to say me).

This will help the newbies to start making their own Extensions.
This tutorial covers

  • Online Extension Builder - Appybuilder Code Editor etc…

  • Offline Extension development set up

    • Even how to make Extension using custom libraries

Check the complete tutorial at :slight_smile:

Cheers !


I know I ran into a lot of issues getting it setup on my PC the first time and needed to use pieces of instruction from multiple sources to get it to finally work correctly.

You should explain how to set %JAVA_HOME%
Currently you just have:
“Now set the Environmental Variables:”
Someone that’s never done it before would need to Google how to set Environmental Variables.

Maybe show some pictures of the folder/file structure.

Maybe include some sample .java files with some simple methods or use codemirror to show them directly on the page.


I tryed to explain the process of setting up JAVA_HOME
in more details.

Hope this helps you all


Nice! You should add a link to these instructions in the original Extension post though.


So, with the AppyBuilder Code Editor, all these steps are not necessary?


The steps involving the setup wouldn’t be necessary with Code Editor.


and how can we import our own jar files there, ?


Short Answer: You can’t.

Long Answer: If it’s something that would be beneficial for others, you could submit a request to have it added.
If it gets approved it will be added.

Does AppyBuilder Code Editor allow the use of External Libraries?