Make a Spaceship Game like classic Asteroids p02



Make a basic spaceship game in AppyBuilder / MIT App Inventor. The spaceship rotates using buttons and also fires with a button.
NEW!!! Asteroids appear randomly and dissapear after being hit by a bullet.
This tutorial it is a step by step guide. If you are a beginner this tutorial is excellent to understand some basic principles in App Inventor.

Source file to work with these tutorial (*.aia + images, sounds) Video’s description

For this tutorial I use AppyBuilder GOLD, but it can be followed with Thunkable or MIT App Inventor 2

:rocket: Hello friends, in this MIT App Inventor tutorial I will make AGAIN a “how to make a simple spaceship game tutorial” ,
In the video you will… learn? see? how to:

:rocket: Add,scale and move “asteroids” using “FOR ANY SPRITE” and "for each " Blocks

:rocket: destroy and regenarate asteroid sprites

:rocket: Use a procedure to Scale and Center a Sprite in the middle of the canvas, no matter the device screen size.

:rocket: Rotate a Sprite in APP Inventor using heading property and the canvas onDragging Event (use one finger rotates the ship and fires)

also Check Tutorial 01:
Finished part 02 source file (*.aia) more info at


@azaotl thanks for great tutorials :+1: