Looking for Appybuilder developers


Anyone interested in working on some cool projects can pm me with their portfolio :slight_smile:


@picanapicana Are you looking for app developers to collaborate and develop apps using AppyBuilder?


Need awesome developers for developing apps. We already have project idea. Need developers to implement UI-UX and other features!


Hey, i want to build an app on appybuilder with firebase integration. Kindly contact me.
My requirements are: should be integrated with firebase/airtable with box view. secondly, app should be small and dynamic and third, quick aftersales responses.

How many days will you take to build and deliver the AIA project to me?
Kindly mail me on deleted


Dont post personal info in a post. I removed your mail adres.

So you want to build it yourself, but want someone else to do it for you? You also didn’t ask about the price. @Nickon is really very expensive :grin:


@souvik_karar We have great community members who can help with questions. Post your question to see if anyone can help