Live Testing Error (Blank screen / gray buttons)


When i’m trying to ‘Live Test’ my app i keep getting a blank screen with gray buttons.
like this:

After a few second it tries to refresh, but it keeps getting the same screen.

Using Chrome browser, also tested on MS Edge
Using android 7.0 also tested on 5.0

Anyone got a solution?


Try to use a file manager and completely delete the AppInventor folder from the sd card


Hey John,
Thanx 4 your reply.
I´ve tried but no succes.
I also just got this runtime Error which i´ve never seen.

This could be the problem. But i don´t no the solution


Try to use opera or mozilla,


4 browsers, 3 android phones same effect :thinking:
i havent installed other extension,
i have deleted all the blocks and files that where added after the last run without errors.


still not working :slightly_frowning_face:


@Dirk can you pm me the aia?


commin’ your way :+1:


I think i got it.
I’ve deleted a galleryView Element and it started working again.

After i added the gallery again and ajusted the thunbnailsize i got the same error.
might be something to look into.

Thanx 4 helping
@Hossein @Ronin @John

b.t.w. i found that livetesting works a lot faster in Firefox.


hmm Interesting. Are you getting the images from Internet?


Yep, normal size 100px 100px gives no error but if i change the size to 150px i get the error