Live companion not working


Coming directly to the point, live testing is working on one PC and not working on other. what should i do?
Details:- previously live testing was working fine on my PC but from past two weeks companion just scans the code and that is it. This happens on new projects too. I am using Samsung Note 3 on android 5.0 . I tested live testing on my laptop and companion is working fine on that.
p.s- no changes in any settings were made in this period


Are all these three devices on same network? If it works on one pc but not others, seems like something like firewall might be installed on it.


Pc is connected via wire and mob via same router wifi.
Which setting should i look for in my PC??
I haven’t changed any settings yet.


My mobile and laptop are on the same wifi network. I tried all day, tried all the suggestions on the forums including USB but it just didn’t work. Is there any solution for this problem?


Turn off any anti-virus like Kaspersky


I don’t use or rely on anti-virus to keep the computer clean. The software has a bug and doesn’t work at all.


thousands of people use the companion.

So before we try to blame the software, we need to understand your situation.

Clear the cookies and history, and try again. A popup blocker or something could be interferring.

If that does not work, manually type the URL in an incognito-private session

Let me know the results please