Lite Resurrection


Hi Y’all!

I know on the AppyBuilder community, Lite was silenced for not knowing whether it worked with AppyBuilder, however this is no longer the case. Screenshots will be shown from AppyBuilder to conform with the rules. Lite has been going over a redo, with many additions and bug fixes after studying a few open source extensions and just Java in general. It will be release on the AppyBuilder community in possibly a few weeks-to-months.

Have time to do me a favor?


I think you need to provide more context.
I think I know what you looking for and I’m kinda lost.


LOL, no problem. A few months ago I had created an extension named Lite. It had come with over 70+ blocks as the final update and then I decided to discontinue it on a community that I’ve recently got suspended on. Now I am asking the Appybuilder community to help out on something, which can be used to see what the Appybuilder community wants when Lite is brought back.

Although if people are just gonna click the link and not do anything, then it’s a waste.