ListView item separations


Hi there,

I’m working on my final Project of my Telecom Grade.

I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to edit the line that separates items on a ListView?? I’ve attached an image with the example. I would like the line to be more visible so each item could be clearly separated by it.

  2. For my essay, is there information about how AppyBuilder internally works? I mean, it’s framework, API, etc…

Thanks a lot.



For the internal workings you could look at the App Inventor documentation.


Maybe you can use a custom listview to make it look better for you.


What is your deadline?


I’ll try, thanks Peter.


Thanks Peter.



Ken, Friday the 22nd. I’ve finished the app and started writing the essay. It is just to put some “make up” to the app and make it look neater.


The quickest way would be to lighten the background color so there’s more contrast between the background and the dividers.

I have a custom extension I made that allows you to set the color of the dividers.
I need to modify it before I can share it here.
I should be able to get that done before the 22nd.


Thanks Ken,

I also thought the same!

Maybe with your new extension it could look better.

Thanks again



That`s look awesome Ken, the dividers in green looks cool. Did you do that with your new Extension??


That’s supposed to be Yellow but you’ll be able to choose whatever color you want.
Yes, it’s done with my extension.
I need to modify it before I can release it though.


hahaha, yes, it’s yellow Ken…I’m starting to worry about my colour blindness aspect…If you don’t mind informing me through this post when your extension is ready so I can receive an email it would be great.


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