Listpickercustom unreliable behaviour


There’s an anomalous behaviour which can make Listpickercustom components (and probably analogue listviewers) unreliable.
Try the enclosed aia file.
If you try to open list Signals you can see two items , the other list is empty.
If you try to add to the latter list an item, selecting and CLICKING IT in former list , it works as expected.
If you then try to remove an item selecting and CLICKING IT in My selection list, it works as expected too.
if you just open a list and DO NOT MAKE any selection, just close them back-pressing , the action is performed as a selection was made, moreover if you look at label text it never change its content (maybe the lost focus is not registered or it does not report correctly ).
So it ends in unexpected and unwanted results.

test.aia (83.6 KB)


Could you post the blocks you used?


just done in
above post


Have you seen? Could you replicate the error?


Posting your blocks is always good. I don’t have the time to test every aia that is offered to me.

Take a look at the gif below to make the label work.


Ok, maybe someone else could check it.
About the gif you posted, it doesn’t solve the problem : my intent was not to show the label text but to test the block correct behaviour before use it in apps.


@Peter_Mathijssen’s solution looks fine for me
it does not make sense to use the LostFocus event as you did
you might want to explain, what exactly is the problem after following these suggestions…



I wasn’t looking for a problem solution, I only posted an aia file which expose two bugs in two blocks of a component, or simply two unwanted/unexpected behaviours. That’s all. I would use that component so I checked it and found something which seems wrong to me. I would like to know if this fact is confirmed by staff or it is related only to e.g. the specific Api I run or something else l did wrong, etc.