List View: multicolumn or font (monospace)



An old timey programmer going back to ada to zilog but not up to speed on current bloat of interlinking this and that. Found AppyBuilder as supplement to MIT AI2 and like the approach.

Have spent days looking for UI tool to show a searchable list view with multiple columns with definable widths (or automatic based on widest). This could also be done with just fixed width font and keeping spacing that I could provide. Not sure an actual “extension” is required – maybe just the right sequence of blocks.

Will eventually fetch listview content from multiple columns of server database and store locally so can format any way the list elements would require. 4830Category.csv is the current file being loaded into a listview. How do I eliminate parenthesis around displayed listview?

Regards, Frank Towle (75 yr old software developer)


Welcome Frank,

I think you are the oldest AppyBuilder user but i may be wrong. :wink:

Could this be of any help?


To get no parentheses you have to fill your listview this way.


Thanks Peter, will check this all out in a few days.


Success with Ken’s tableView extension and custom search and column sort using SQLite for storage.

Biggest issue was to put data into three aligned columns ala spreadsheet.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Still having fun writing software after all these years (starting in 1962)