Link AppyBuilder with Google Drive, (Independent Users)


Good afternoon and greetings to the whole community who use the platform of AppyBuilder or similar; I am a music teacher in my country Peru and I work in secondary schools. Lately I have been interested in the creation and programming of Apps and from there starts my following query:

Is it possible from AppyBuilder to create an App that records data (names, surnames, ratings, email, etc.) and saves them in a spreadsheet in Google Sheets; where each user of the app is independent (It is not the idea of ​​a central database, that is not the idea), that is, when using the app they log in with their own Google mail and such data is of particular use in your Google Drive account?

My question comes because I have the idea of ​​helping my fellow Teachers to automate the registration of their qualifications and to use their Smartphone as a support tool through an App, and then from Google sheets to be able to perform statistics or present the Report your qualifications.

I hope you can help me and give an answer because I am determined to achieve this end of support for teachers in my community by creating this App to Register their Qualifications, in an altruistic way.

Thank you


César C.

Music Teacher

Lima Peru


please first choose the builder you like to use and then ask only in the corresponding community
see TimAI2’s answer here
Thank you.

PS: also please do not create duplicate posts (same question, different language)… thank you…

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